The Bayshore Rivals


Book One-When Rivals Fall

I’ve despised the smug, stupidly gorgeous Bishop brothers since I was a small child. Our families rivalry was one that started years before us and one that I wanted to end. 

I was tired of being my parent's puppet, tired of the games, of the hate. All I wanted was to enjoy college and move on with my life. 

But your past can never stay hidden, right? 

When the Bishop brothers turn up at my school I have no place to run. I know then they’ll make certain I pay for every single bad-mouthed remark I or my parents ever made about them. 

At Bayshore, I’m at their mercy and they won’t stop until my heart is a bleeding mess. 

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Book Two-When Rivals lose

Darkness surrounds me. Who am I? I don’t remember anything. Every memory of my life gone. 

I wake in a hospital not knowing my own name. I don’t know these people who claim to be are my parents, but they take care of me, they show me pictures… and introduce me to my fiancé?
I guess I was living a perfect life before my accident. I had it all, so I try to remember. I try to keep living my life, but I can’t shake the feeling that something is off. I’m noticing things are not adding up. I’m catching people around me lying and I know something is terribly wrong.

It seems like my memory is not the only thing missing… 

Book Three-When Rivals Love

I thought I knew the truth, but I didn’t. 

Secrets surround me, every aspect of my life was a lie. 

The Bishop brothers are the only beacon of light in my dark world. They’re the only ones that can protect me, the only ones that truly care. 

Finally, I have the leverage I need to escape my father’s clutches, to fight back, but when the truth comes out, and the puzzle pieces of our pasts come together… 

I’m left wondering there will ever be a future for the Bishop's and I?

Bleeding Heart Romance 

by C.Hallman and J.L. Beck

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