TheBlackthorn Elite

Book One-Hating You

Two years ago she ruined my family’s life.  Maybe she thought it was only a little lie. That she did the right thing, that the worst was behind her, that no one had gotten hurt. 
Oh how naive the black haired beauty was. 
Fate has finally brought her back to me, to Blackthorn Academy.
Once upon a time I was obsessed, consumed with the need to make her mine. 
Now I just want revenge, and I’ll do whatever I can to get it. 
You see the beautiful, sweet, Willow doesn’t realize the mistake she’s made yet. She doesn’t realize that she’s entered the lion's den and there won’t be any escaping her fate. 
I’m Parker Rothschild, and I’ll become her nightmare, her enemy, her bully. 
By the time I’m finished with her she’ll be begging me for forgiveness and pleading to confess her sins. 

Book Two-Breaking You

They say there is always a calm before the storm. A time when you think you’re safe, protected from the destruction that you know is going to eventually come. Harper was that calm. And I? I was the motherfucking storm. As kids we were best friends. She was the light to my darkness. I used to protect her from her bullies, now I’ll become her most feared one. 

No one knows the darkness that lingers under the surface, all they see is my smile, my charismatic charm. I’m the all American golden boy. 

Having her back in my life is awakening something inside of me. She reminds me of everything good, everything I’ll never have and I refuse to let her stay. She has to go and the only person dark enough, dirty enough to scare her away is me… 

Damaged, dark and falling off the deep end. Will I break her? Will I break us?

Book Three-Hurting You

It was such a shame that she was in the wrong place, at the wrong time.  She knew that we would come for her. We had seen her delicate face that night, hidden in the shadows, and she had seen what we did, her gasp of horror giving her away. 
She was perfection, beauty, and oozed goodness but that wasn’t going to save her from us. No one could ever find out our secret, which meant we needed to get rid of her. killing her wasn’t an option and scaring her into silence wasn’t as easy of a feat as we expected. She was strong, resilient , and smart doing whatever she could to evade us. 
without even knowing it she turned it into a game, and so we became blood thirty wolves. 
Run and we’ll find you. Keep our secret and you might live. 
That is until someone else finds out what we did…

Book Four-Regretting You 

(Releasing April 6th)

Once upon a time she was mine and my sisters best friend. 
I’d always loved her, and wanted her to be mine, that is until the night everything changed and my love morphed into pure hatred. 
Now I’m a vile bastard with a chip on his shoulder. Cruel black hate is all I know. My only focus *ucking my way through Blackthorn’s elite women and partying. 
Then she shows up. She’s different now, shy, quiet, but just as beautiful as she was the day she disappeared. One look and my focus changes. I decide then that my time for revenge is now. No way does she get to enjoy herself. No, I’m going to make her life hell. Destroy her from the inside out. I’m going to make her regret ever walking my way, because if it wasn’t for her…my sister would still be alive. 

Hating You Audio Book 

Narrated by Blake Richard and Olivia Amayo

Breaking You Audio Book 

Narrated by Blake Richard and Olivia Amayo

Bleeding Heart Romance 

by C.Hallman and J.L. Beck

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