Darcy Rose

His Ballerina.jpg

His Ballerina

Madison is trying her best to escape a life of poverty. Young, innocent, and guarded. She’s finally getting ahead when she witnesses a murder outside the dance studio and finds herself in deep with a dark and dangerous criminal.

Archer is smitten by Madison, from the moment they meet. The protocol says to leave no witness behind but he can’t imagine hurting her. Against his best judgement he lets her go, but he can’t seem to get her out of his head.

Like a stalker he follows her, making certain she doesn’t spill about what she’s seen.Then one night he watches her through the window of the studio as she dances. She’s so beautiful, and angelic. He decides then that no matter the cost, or blood spilled she will be his… his ballerina.

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Their Ballerina

Ballet is the only thing I’ve ever had, my only reprieve from my sad life after my father died and my mom turned to the streets.
That’s until the night I’m attacked. I tell myself it won’t happen again, but then it does, and this time I make the ultimate mistake. I fight back.

My only option is to call them: Kane and Cash Hale.
From the moment I met the two terrifying, yet gorgeous men, I knew to cross their paths would mean trouble.

I can’t trust the cops and I’m afraid I’ll end up in jail without their help.
Except their help comes with a cost… a cost that involves both my body and my soul.

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His Gymnast

Aria’s dream was to be a professional gymnast and if it hadn’t been for a freak accident a couple years ago she would’ve been. Now she teaches little girls at the local dance studio, working two jobs to help her parents pay the medical debt from her accident.

Life at home is horrible, and her step-father does everything he can to remind her of the mistake she is. She wonders if she’ll ever escape this life?

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His Stripper

Hazel is down on her luck, without a job or a place to live and things only get worse when she gets into a fender bender with a beautifully dark man named Myles. He’s supermodel gorgeous with dark hair, and piercing eyes.

She’s afraid, and worried. With no money she’s not sure how she’ll repay him.

When he offers her a job at his club dancing, she doesn’t know what to expect, and she certainly isn’t prepared to fall for the man. What started as repayment soon becomes obsession, need, and want. But a man like Myles has secrets and when Hazel discovers just how dark the man she’s falling for is will she run or will she stay?

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His Dancer

I don’t know how it happened.

One moment, I was standing outside the diner fumbling with my car keys, and the next, a bag was placed over my head, and I was put in the back of a car.

Who would want to kidnap me? I’m a nobody, a good girl, just doing my best to make ends meet.

Afraid for my life, I beg and plead until I come face-to-face with my captor. Ace is a brute of a man with strong hands, green eyes, and a dark smile that makes me weak in the knees. Everything about him screams DANGER

It’s all kind of wrong to look at him and get swoony, but I can’t help it.

I'll Be Your Beast

For years I watched everyone in my family find their mates... everyone but me. 

The heartache became too much, and I decided to leave my pack behind. Blackclaw Manor became my solitude, and I gave up on ever finding my mate. 

Then one day, she walks in to my forest. Lost, afraid, a true damsel in distress. I can sense her, feel her... I have to have her. 

I’ll drag her back to my manor and keep her by my side until she understands what we are to each other.

**This is a short novella with a lot of steam and dark themes. No cheating and ends with a happily ever after.**