Breaking the Rules

Book One-Kissing & Telling

Rule #1: Don’t kiss your best friend. 
Rule #2: Don’t have sex with your best friend. 
Rule #3: Don’t pretend like it didn’t happen the next day. 

Bailey Renshaw is my best friend.  Kind. Sweet as a peach, and so beautiful it should be a crime. 
Since we were kids I’ve wanted her, and one time when we were nothing more than teenagers I kissed her. It was the first mistake I ever made in our friendship. Giving her my heart and hoping she felt the same were my second and third. 
One Earth shattering night together and I knew nothing would ever be the same.  Friends, or lovers? I don’t know what we are anymore. The rules no longer apply to us. 

Now the only question is, can we fix what we had before it’s too late or is our friendship over for good? And all because of one single kiss?


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Narrated by

Jeremy York, Veronica Langdon

Book Two-Babies & Promises

Rule #1: Always wear a condom.
Rule #2: Always leave them wanting more.
Rule #3: Always man up.

Erica Roberts was the maid of honor in my brother’s wedding and my next conquest. She was tone, tan, and sweet as pie. I should’ve known I’d end up breaking her heart.
Still, against my better judgement I took her giving us both the best night of our lives. When I woke up the next morning she was gone, not a trace of what had happened between us, and I realized then I broke my number one rule: Always use a condom.

Two months later I get a text telling me I’m going to be a father. I feel a number of emotions, elation, fear, excitement, anger, but then she drops the biggest bomb on me. She says she doesn’t need me or want me. Now I’ve got to do whatever I can to keep us from falling apart. She doesn’t think I want the baby or can be a good father, while she’s about to find out just the kind of man I am.

Book Two-Babies & Promises

Rule #1: Don't let your ex move in with you.
Rule #2: Don't have sex with your ex.
Rule #3: Don't fall asleep hugging a turkey leg.

I woke up to an empty apartment and things just got worse from there. My roommate took everything even my epic purple couch. 
Rent coming due means I’m desperate, but not desperate enough for Travis freaking Westmister to live with me. 
That is, until my brother convinces me his best friend and my mortal enemy is his only hope. Now the man I gave my v-card to before he disappeared is parading around my house shirtless, toned, tanned and ripped. 
Oh, God, I will not go there. He broke my heart and I hate his guts.
Except, he’s not who I thought he was at all. 
Now I can’t cross the line because then I won’t have a roommate plus me and my virginity hate him. 
Don’t we?

Bleeding Heart Romance 

by C.Hallman and J.L. Beck

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