Book One-His Gift

She was brought to me as a gift.  Completely naked besides a shiny red bow that was wrapped around her slender middle. 
The moment I laid eyes on her... I wanted her. Every single inch of her body and every dark corner of her mind. I wanted it all. I craved her like a drug and one I never planned to quit. 
She was scared of me, no wonder considering my reputation. 
Big fat tears rolled down her beautiful face and her whole body shook like a leaf. She didn't know then though, that I would never hurt her.  That I would crush anybody who ever caused her harm. 
She's mine now... mine to cherish, mine to protect, mine to love. 
And a gift I never plan to give up. 

Book Two-Taking What's His

Her daddy owes me half a million dollars, but I’m taking her in instead. 
She’s an innocent in this evil war, but I can’t let her go. 
One taste and I’m consumed with need. 
One taste and she’s mine forever. 
I won’t take no for an answer. 

I’ll die before I let her go, and she knows it.
She might be afraid, but she has nothing to fear. 
I’m taking what's mine, and the timid, ungodly naive Riley is going to be mine. 

Audio also Available

Book Three- On the Run


It was just supposed to be another boring shift at the hospital. 
One minute I’m watching the seconds tick by, the next I get a call from the local prison telling me they’re about to bring in an injured prisoner. 

I still don’t quite understand how I ended up running from the cops that night. 
Well… at least I have a hot as hell convict in tow. 

Book Four-Runaway Bride


Ivy Young is doing everything she can to keep it together. Forced into an arranged marriage by her cruel parents she knows she has to escape. 

Escaping the church is easy, but figuring out where to go from there is impossible. And then she runs into him, a ruggedly handsome man with eyes that pierce her soul. Instantly, she’s drawn to him.
One look, and he knows he can’t just leave her there. One taste, and he’s head over heels. 

Will this runaway bride finally find true love? 


Book Five-two Strangers


After a crazy virus breaks out, Bree is forced to go back home and stay with her mom and stepfather. But when they try to drag her into a bunker she takes off, not wanting to be stuck with her creepy stepdad.

Driving aimlessly down an empty road in the middle of Alaska, she hits a deer. With her car broken down, she ventures out on foot and ends up at the doorstep of a cabin.

The cabin of two strangers.


Bleeding Heart Romance 

by C.Hallman and J.L. Beck

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