Bleeding Heart Romance 

by C.Hallman and J.L. Beck

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The Rossi Crime Family

Free Prequel-Convict Me

She was a shy little virgin, looking to rebel. 
I was a bad accident waiting to happen. 

I’m the bad boy your parents warn you about. I’ve been to prison, killed for someone I love and now I’m suffering through college. 

Then I see her…sweet, so naïve it hurts, and of course beautiful. She’s scared of me the moment we lock eyes, but beneath that fear is curiosity.

From that moment on I’m consumed with a need to make her mine, to claim her…but when my past collides with my future will I risk the chance of going back to prison to protect yet another person I love? 

Book One-Protect Me

She needed protection from my family… 
I needed protection from her heart…

She was my ex-best friend's little sister. Shy, gorgeous as hell and did I mention completely off-limits. 

Well, that is until she lands on my doorstep begging me for protection from my brother. She has no idea the kind of world she’s walked into, or that I’m no better of a man then the one searching for her. 

But when she offers me her v-card the last thing she has in exchange for protection I can't deny such a tempting offer. 

She’s everything I want, and everything I can never have. 

Book Two-Keep Me

She was my enemy…  I was her new captor…. 
She was the enemy…a tiny little temptress of a woman that made my blood sing for vengeance. I should be punishing her…breaking her from the inside out after finding her in my father’s clutches. 
But when I discover the truth that she is just as much as a victim of my father's wrongdoings as I am I can’t follow through. 
I know then that I can’t break my little mouse...not after she’s lured me in with her big blue doe eyes, and strawberry blonde hair, and those pink painted lips that beg to be kissed again, and again.What she fails to realize is that even after helping her find her sister I can't just let her go she knows to much, she's become a liability...but I have a plan to make certain she’ll never leave or escape me. 
A plan that involves filling her womb with my filthy seed until I make certain a piece of myself sticks, a plan that will make her the Queen of the Rossi Empire.

Book Three-Guard Me

She was a tiny little lamb that claimed my heart with one fearful look.  I was her captor, the man responsible for breaking her, for preparing her for auction. 

She was taken, plucked right off the street and brought to me to be sold at the next auction.
Rescuing her from my men was never part of the deal, and neither was bringing her up to my room. 
Yet, night after night I did this, refusing to give up the way she made me feel. When I’m with her I feel less like a monster. I can remember the man I used to be before the mob got to me, before all the bad tainted my soul. 
But wanting her is forbidden, and keeping her unthinkable. If they find out


what I’m doing they’ll kill both of us. 
And still…  I want to save her.  I want to love her. I want to cherish her. 

Book Four-Tame Me

She was a broken angel that had the light beat right out of her.
I was the man responsible for her life, her protector… 

Rescued by my brother and shoved into my arms I never expected to fall for the fragile woman, with soft eyes, and lips that begged to be kissed.
I know what she saw when she looked at me, a ruthless fighter, a man with a broken past, too far gone to be reached, sinking deeper and deeper into the darkness. 

Still, somehow her light reached me, the innocence inside her called to me and the moment her soul touched mine I was tamed, ensnared in her love. 
But love comes at a cost, and in our world, you pay with your life.

With all the danger surrounding us, I don’t know if I can protect her. Not only from myself, but also from a past that refuses to let go. 

Book Five-Remember me

Grace was my first love, my forever, and then I lost her. I’d spent years watching from afar, knowing I could never have her again. The violence, the hate, and pain it owned me. It took all the good from me. It took her from me. 
The mafia was the only thing that could curb my violent tendencies. 
Choosing to let her go was the hardest thing in my life, but I wanted her to be happy, safe, protected. 
Then everything changed. The moment someone tried to hurt her I knew I had to step in. Grace might not have been mine, but she would always be under my protection. 
With my enemies coming for me, I know they’ll do anything, kill anyone to get their revenge, and with Grace being the most important thing to me I have to do whatever I can to protect her even if that means bringing her back into my dark and dangerous world. 
The mafia owns my soul, but she’ll always own my heart.